3D Printed Jewelry

We're adding a new 3D printed jewelry service to our line of jewelry. Don't worry. We're still making our great jewelry with Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, Peruvian ceramic, and lampwork beads from the USA and around the world. Nothing from the current line is changing.

The Story

Everyone knows I love doing custom work. And you may know that I bought a 3D printer last year to make some parts for our display. Then Mike decided to print a rocket and some aliens just for fun. A couple months ago I got a request to make musical note earrings. So Mike got on the computer, designed them, and printed out small and large versions, complete with a loop at the top for the ear wire. The customer loved them!

Then a couple of weeks ago I had a request to turn a customer’s business logo into a bracelet charm. Mike was able to import the file, create a CAD model and add a loop, and print the charm. I finished it with some fun Czech glass beads, and it looked great! It would also look great as a name, word, or phrase made into a beaded necklace or bracelet. So now we're going to take orders for custom 3D printed beads and charms!

The Cost

We charge a one-time $25 artwork fee to create the 3D-print file. The cost of each jewelry piece is based on the size of the printed part and the complexity of the accompanying beads and findings. Stretch bracelets with Czech glass beads are typically $16, earrings with surgical steel ear wires and a Czech glass bead are typically $10, and pendant necklaces on an 18" sterling silver box chain are typically $25 each. Beaded necklaces, sterling silver and gold filled ear wires, and Swarovski crystal pieces are, of course, more. Shipping is $7.25 for 2-3 day USPS Priority Flat Rate mail or $3 first class mail. Colors available right now are white, black, royal blue, and glow in the dark green, but we are happy to add other colors upon request.

The Fine Print

Images should be sent to our email address in .JPG format. Images MAY NOT be copyrighted. No Disney, no comic book characters, no movie logos, no sports logos, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS. You must hold the copyright, meaning either you drew the picture yourself, or someone drew it for you and gave you permission to re-use it. We will review all requests for content before beginning work and reserve the right to refuse service at our determination. Also, we cannot modify or re-create an image for you based only on a description. (We’re jewelry artists, not sketch artists.) We may adjust the artwork slightly to best reproduce it with our 3D printer, and we will add features as necessary such as loops or holes to incorporate it into jewelry. We will send a picture of a prototype print for your review prior to making the final piece.

You retain the rights to any image you hold the copyright to, so we will not re-print it to sell ourselves without your permission. We do retain the right to use it as an example in advertising, marketing, and social media unless otherwise specified. If it's something we design for you, like the musical notes or a name or phrase, we retain rights to the image and may print more to sell to others. In either case, we will keep the 3D-print file so that if you need more jewelry we can print it right away without charging the artwork fee again. We can also provide you with the 3D-print file to use yourself for an additional $10 fee, but the initial order must include at least one jewelry item. (We do not offer design-only services.)

The Order

If you're interested, please contact us, and we'll work out the details, including how to . Please remember that this is new, and we may have a few more bugs to work out in the process. Also, Mike needs to teach me how to use the software so I can take more of this off his plate. ;)

Are you excited?!? We are! Let the printing begin!

Sky Blue Designs jewelry and beads are not toys and not recommended for children ages 12 and under.

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