Teeny Tiny Animals and Figures

These tiny beads come in a wide variety of styles and colors!

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Coiled-up green snake waits to strike beneath fire polished Czech glass beads. ..
Sneakers Earrings
Teeny tiny Peruvian ceramic sneakers beads dangle beneath color coordinating fire polished..
Space Shuttle
Another favorite of fans of space travel. ..
Spam Musubi
If you're craving sushi, wear this Spam musubi. ..
Spam Musubi and Sake Set Earrings
Teeny tiny Peruvian ceramic sake bottle and spam musubi beads dangle beneath coordina..
Keep these away from your talking dog, or he might get distracted. ..
Accompanied by aqua Czech glass beads. ..
The stingray swims beneath aqua Czech glass teardrop beads. ..
Sweet strawberries hang beneath green Czech glass teardrop leaves. ..
Graceful and elegant, this swan is accompanied by heart Czech glass beads. ..
T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex)
Everyone's favorite extinct carnivore would love a trip to the museum. ..
Teapot Earrings
Teeny tiny Peruvian ceramic teapot beads dangle beneath color coordinating fire polished Czech ..
Tiger, Orange
Show your inner tiger with these orange striped beauties ..
Tiger, White
Rare and wild, this white tiger sits beneath Czech glass teardrops. ..
Toucan hangs from coordinating fire polished Czech glass beads. ..
Toucan in Tree
Toucan sits atop a tree of Czech glass beads. ..
"Sara" the Triceratops would love to visit a museum. ..
Cute turtle hangs below matching Czech glass beads. ..
This lucky animal sits beneath gold and purple fire polished Czech glass beads. ..
Water Polo Earrings
Show your team spirit with these water polo earrings. Earrings measure approximately 2" includi..
"Cindy" is a Westie who will warm your heart. ..
Whale, Orca
This Shamu lookalike swims among cobalt AB teardrop beads. ..
White Cat
Sweet white kitty features clear and pink fire polished Czech glass beads ..
These wolves will howl at the moon all night long. ..
Yoga Woman
Find your inner peace with this yoga woman sitting beneath fire polished Czech glass beads. ..
Sky Blue Designs jewelry and beads are not toys and not recommended for children ages 12 and under.

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